BBGS 1000w Micro Solar Grid Tie Inverter DC20-45V to AC110V with Pure Sine Wave Gold Color


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shipping including :
1. solar grid tie inverter 1pc
2. cable
3. user book .
1000W Micro Solar Grid Tie Inverter DC 20-45V to AC110V MPPT Pure Sine Wave
Fit 24/30v (60cells) 36v(72cells) Panel
Data pls kindly refer to pictures show
warranty : 1years ( shipping cost will be paid by buyer . repair fee is free, excluding the parts which need to replace )

System Function:

1.Directly connected to the solar panels (do not need to connect the battery)

2.AC 0 angle with high precision auto-detection

3.Synchronous High-frequency Modulation

4.Pure Sine Wave Output

5.Automatic Sensing Function Solar Luminosity

6.Power Automatically Locked (APL)

7.Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

8.Automatically Adapt To Different Load Power Factor

9.Constant Current, Constant Power

10. Automatically Shut Down When The Power Output Of a Fault

11. Current Limit Protection

12. Stack Multiple Machines

13. High-Frequency High Conversion Rate

14. Adapt high frequency converter, the output more efficient.

DC input limit:

1. Input voltage range: 10.5V to 28V

2. Solar Panel: Recommend using the power more than 30W and the standard voltage of 17.5V PV panel. Recommend using multiple solar panels. Solar panel in series will result in high-input voltage which will exceed the working voltage range of the inverter.


  • AC frequency range: 55Hz~63Hz Pure Sine Wave Inverter power
  • AC to DC grid tie inverter with cable and use book
  • For Solar Panel Fit 24/30v (60cells) 36v(72cells) Panel ,1250w panel
  • MPPT Power AC : 90-160V
  • 1year warranty for repair free


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