Go Power! GP-SF-1.5 SUNfilm 1.5 Watt Solar Panel


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The SUNfilm 1.5 Watt solar panel is designed to use free solar energy from the sun to keep your vehicle’s battery topped up. The SUNfilm 1.5 delivers up to 120mA of charge to your 12 Volt batteries. Great for use on motorcycles, snowmobiles, cars, ATV’s, personal watercraft or any appication that has a battery that sits idle. Most batteries will self discharge over time which diminishes the overall battery life. If you keep your batteries topped up all the time, you can drastically increase your battery life.


  • Harness the power of the sun to charge your 12 Volt batteries with 1.5 Watts of charge
  • Completely silent green energy
  • Comes with cigarette lighter adapter for easy installation on your vehicle
  • Trickle charge motorcycles, snowmobiles, cars, ATV’s, boats personal watercraft and more
  • Keep your batteries topped up when they are left idle