AIMS Power (PICOGLF60W48V120V) 6000W 48V DC to 120V AC Pure Sine Inverter Charger


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Built for large 120 volt AC load demands, this 6000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter is able to output one single leg of 120V ac power at the full rated 6000 watts. This inverter is a 48V dc input, meaning the inverter will be more efficient and smaller DC cables can be used compared to 12V dc or 24V dc systems. This inverter also features a built in smart battery charger and automatic transfer switch, for accepting utility or generator power. For large startup needs, the inverter has a 300 Percent surge capacity for up to 20s so pumps, motors and compressors may be started up without overloading the inverter.


  • 6000 Watt continuous pure sine power
  • 18000 watt peak power for 20s
  • Built in 45A smart battery charger with 7 selectable battery type settings
  • Auto gen start feature
  • Marine and industrial grade


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