Unlimited Solar 100FT Solar Extension Cable with MC4, 10AWG, 600V, UL Listed


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Unlimited Solar offers a complete line of Sunlight Resistant Solar Cables USE-2 or RHH/RHW-2 per 44 and 854. Wire is sunlight-resistant,products comply with standards such as ICEA S-95-658 / NEAM WC -70, , UL-44 and UL-854. While this product is suitable for outdoor applications, it is also suitable for use in conduits and raceways installed underground and in conduit in wet conditions where condensation and moisture accumulations within the conduit do not exceed 90°C. Cables are RoHS compliant and are great for wind energy applications such as power distribution in wind turbines, transformers and generators. Gasoline and Oil resistant with 90C Wet / Dry -40C.


  • Single Conductor, 90C Wet / Dry. Insulated with Chemically cross-linked polyethylene insulation
  • 100FT / 10AWG / 600V / 7 Strand / UL Listed as XLP USE-2 or RHH / RHW-2 per standard 44 and 854
  • This cable may be used to extend one wire 100′ (ft) to another MC4 connection, or cut in half to extend both positive and negative wires 50′ (ft) to normal wire connections.
  • ICEA S-95-658 / NEMA WC-70, Gasoline and Oil Resistant II
  • with MC4 Connectors, Sunlight Resistant, RoHS Compliant


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