Green Living Kit
Green Living Kit

Green Living Kit Review

Tom Hayden is an expert in green living and has created a product called Green Living Kit which will show you everything you need to know in order to transform your home into a green living home. Whether you’re building solar panels for electricity, water heaters that use solar power or even a wind turbine for electricity, the Green Living Kit can help you achieve your goals in a step by step easy to follow guide – and it’s affordable at just $39! You could even join the membership instead at just $9.99 a month!

So what’s included?
There are 12 guides included in the Green Living Kit and they include:

  1. DIY Solar Panels
  2. Build Your Own Wind Turbine
  3. DIY Solar Water Heaters
  4. DIY Organic Gardening
  5. DIY Chicken Coup
  6. DIY Solar Hot Tub
  7. DIY Solar Generator
  8. DIY Solar Oven
  9. DIY Green House
  10. DIY Solar Pool Heater
  11. DIY Root Cellar
  12. DIY Solar Shower

As you can see, literally everything is covered – you can turn your home into a complete green living home and you will be using entirely renewable energy. You can slash your energy bills and be entirely energy self-sufficient in just a few weeks!

You don’t need any experience and these guides are really easy to follow so you can get up and running really quickly. One of the best things about these guides is that it’s not about reducing your lifestyle in order to “go green”. For example, the DIY Solar Hot Tub guide is ideal for people who still want to live an enjoyable lifestyle but don’t want to rely on energy companies for the power to supply these kinds of things.

If you’re looking to go green and save money while you do it then these guides are ideal for you. With everything laid out in a step by step manner, you will find it extremely easy to build and install what you need to keep your home running using only solar power and wind power.

There are also 8 mystery bonuses available to you if you order today! I’m not going to tell you what these bonuses are but trust me, they’re amazing! Worth the price on their own!

Finding guides that are reliable and easy to follow when it comes to solar panels can be really hard – without the knowledge yourself it can be difficult to know if you’re doing the right thing. These amazing DIY guides include in Green Living Kit are perfect for everyone from beginners to advanced solar panel builders – you will still learn something!

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