Solar panels and wind turbine in the setting sun
Solar panels and wind turbine in the setting sun

Make Your Own Wind & Solar Panels Review

Wind and Solar power is extremely popular at the moment and a lot of people are trying to find ways to reduce their energy bills. The problem is, installing solar panels and wind turbines can be extremely expensive – unless you have found the Home Made Wind Generator plans sold by Les and Jane! These plans are ideal for people who are looking to reduce their energy bills and save money.

Installing solar panels is expensive but it’s actually even more expensive to install wind generators to power your home. Most of the time it’s expensive because of professional installation fees rather than the actual cost of the equipment you need. In fact, there are plenty of wind generator options available and the mainstream installers tend to offer good deals – they just cost a lot more than most people are willing to pay.

Les and Jane are a couple who live in the USA and have struggled with energy costs for a long time. They decided they needed to do something about it and so they went on a mission to find the most cost effective way to supply energy to their home. 15 years ago they decided to install solar power and a wind generator in their home – costing them around $20,000!

After a while, their friends and family were asking about their renewable energy and they wondered if they could also enjoy the benefits of being “off the grid”. However, a lot of them were shocked when they realised the costs involved in buying and installing the systems.

Les and Jane then decided it was about time that someone taught people how to install these systems for themselves – in fact, you can do this even if you’ve got no experience in this kind of thing and you can do it all for under $200!

The wind generator plans that Les and Jane have come up with are easy to follow and offer you a way to build and install your own wind generator. The best part is that you can do this all within a small budget and you can forever enjoy the benefits of living “off the grid”.

We highly recommend the Wind Generator Plans supplied by Jane and Les and for under $50 you can get your hands on the plans as well as 3 amazing bonuses that’ll help you really “go green”!

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