Sell Solar panels
Sell Solar panels

Sell Solar Now Review

Sell Solar Now is a detailed sales manual and a gateway for the average person (without an engineering degree or contracting license) to begin a career in the up-and-coming Solar Industry.
It began as a Training Manual for a solar company. It trains YOU to Sell Solar! This info-packed eBook contains 60+ pages, including an extensive RESOURCE section!

Whether you are ordinary folks who want to get a Green Job, passionate solar advocates, electrical Contracting firms that need to train sales teams, contractors who need to know the issues of selling solar, people who want to understand the realities of the authentic solar industry (NO DIY), folks interested in a Career Change, financially prudent people who don’t want to spend thousands on something they can get for under $50, schools who need text books for Solar Sales Courses or teachers who want to start an Earth-friendly legacy – you should buy this eBook.

This eBook was written and authorized by genuine & successful Solar Professionals, Licensed Contractors, Installers and Engineers! Here is the truth: If you are considering a job in the Solar Industry, READ THIS EBOOK FIRST! It will give you an overview of the procedures used, the work involved and the calculations used to determine module placement, system size and the in-depth knowledge about PV module types and Hot Water Systems.

The author of Sell Solar Now has 8+ Years in the Electrical Generation /Distribution and Solar (Photovoltaic) Industry, Attended Nation-Wide Solar Industry Conferences to share Knowledge from other Leaders and Experts, Delivered Solar Sales Presentations to numerous City Government leaders, Began a Solar Training Course that developed into a successful eBook and subsequently other books, Entered hundreds of homes giving presentations and estimated, quoted and closed solar deals, “Graduated” from several “Solar Training” programs both in person and online, Publicly Educated hundreds of Solar Enthusiasts through speaking engagements and was invited to teach a local adult continuing education class.

If you’re looking for a way to earn extra money and you want a “green job” then selling solar is a great way to go. If you want a fast way to learn and a way to cut the costs of starting your own business then Sell Solar Now is the best purchase you can make. Learn everything you need to know to get ready for your new career selling solar panels and solar energy.

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